"Vecrīga", atpūtas kuģītis

Riga, Latvia

+371 29896138

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Possible rides along the river Daugava bay / to Gulf of Riga 15 Eur.
Trip to the Sea Gate 15 Eur. Departure time 20: 00. Friday, saturday,
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Every day. Working days: Daugava cruise 12: 00, 14: 00, 16: 00, 18:
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Kitchen on boat "Rīgas panorāmas reiss" along Daugava, Holiday cruises
by boat, "Old Riga" along Daugava each hour. Ticket price 7 Eur. For
children under 6 years free of charge. "Saulrietu reiss", lasting 2h,
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in Riga, dances, discounts, events, lowest price for boats. For visitor
comfort are two boat decks. Upper/open deck is decorated in a tropical
atmosphere, where during the journey every visitor will be able to
catch the sun light, on the hottest summer days to enjoy the cooling
wind and enjoy delicious cocktails from our bar. In turn, on the lower
deck is up to date passenger compartment with panoramic windows, with
sofas and a bar/cafe. Recreational boat "Vecrīga" is equipped with
a professional and modern sound and light equipment, free Wi-Fi, recreation
area for children, kitchen, where you can order delicious food or snack
plates and two WC.